Remember me

Remember me is an option in Checkout that allows your customers to save their card for later use.

  • Remember me allows payments between MIDs using the same card
  • Remember me in basic form requires customer to provide only his email address and CVC to authenticate payment
  • If customer fails to enter correct CVC then for security reasons he will have to provide his full credit card data
  • Customer can also choose to improve his security by providing his phone number - after that he will be able to authenticate his payments with one-time SMS codes

To try remember me you need to do following two steps:

Step 1 - Remember new card in Checkout

Use example checkout button above and fill following informations:

  • your email address
  • one of our test cards (for example 4242 4242 4242 4242)
  • any valid expiration date
  • correct CVC for given test card (most test cards work any 3-digit CVC)
  • make sure that remember me is checked

After successful payment your card will be saved and you are now ready to use it for next payments.

Step 2 - Use remembered card

Now that you have remembered card you can make another payment using example checkout button above.

This time when you fill your email address we will show you your remembered card and you will have to only provide your CVC number to authenticate the payment.

Note that most test cards work with any 3-digit CVC - but you also can use card 4242 0000 0000 0083 that only works when CVC is 123. This way you can easily test what happens when customer enters incorrect CVC.