Getting Started

Starting to accept payments with ePAYoo is easy and requires few simple steps.

Integration using Checkout

Using Checkout allows for fastest and easiest integration as all the hard work is handled by ePAYoo.

For more informations please go to Checkout tutorial.

Integration using Custom Form

Using Custom Form is more complicated then using Checkout - but it allows you to have full control over look and feel of payment form and to integrate it more seamlessly it into your website.

For more informations please go to Custom Form tutorial.

Next steps:

Saving cards for later use

To save card data for later use you will need to create a customer and use it to save a card. That card can be later used to create multiple charges - without a need for the user to retype his card data (read more).

Creating automatically recurring subscriptions

When you already have customer with saved card - it is easy to start charging that customer on periodic basis. To do that you need two things. First is a plan that defines how much and how often will be charged. Second is a subscription which is created by combining a customer with a plan.

Receiving events

Once you start using advanced features like subscriptions you may want to be notified about events that occurred in the system not as results of your direct actions. Example of such event could be automatic creation of a charge as result of subscription entering next billing cycle. Another important example could be a customer starting dispute over charge that you made. If you are interested in receiving events read more about webhooks.