Fraud Prevention in E-Commerce

Fraud Prevention in E-Commerce

When your customers know know that their payment card data is protected, they make payments without doubts and it is a great possibility that they will recommend your site to their friends, etc. As an online merchant, you should take measures against any fraudulent activities and illegal card use. Epayoo service is here to help you with that.

Anti-fraud ptotection

Epayoo had taken special security measures and algorithms to make sure that all transactions of our users are protected. Epayoo complies with the highest data security standards. Our dedicated support team is ready to help you 24/7.

Lower chargeback ratio

It is very important for your online business to lower chargeback rate and not to cross the 1% of total transactions number. Implementation of 3D Secure and other fraud prevention methods will protect both your clients and your website from illegal card use. As the result, dispute and chargeback rate will get lower.

Keep customers data safe

Since all transaction details are encrypted and protected, there is no need to keep any sensitive card data on your system. If you choose either recurring or non-recurring payments, your customer's card data is tokenized and securely stored on the Epayoo system.

3D Secure

3D Secure is a secure online payment service available for Visa and MasterCard cards. It is used to verify that the customer is a genuine cardholder.

Benefits of 3D Secure Implementation

  • More protection
  • Lower fraud and chargeback tare
  • Increase in Sales

Other security measures

Anti-fraud tools

We strongly recommend you to activate 3D Secure authentication and check your customer's CVV2 or CVC2 card security code.

SSL for Website Security

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is is a way to communicate data between your clients and your web server that's indecipherable to anyone who might try to seek out the information.

PCI Compliance

Epayoo provides a solution for those business that has completed PCI DSS Level 1 certification.

Online merchants should comply with PCI DSS in order to avoid the risk of any illegal/ criminal activity related to payment processing.